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A distributed secure network based on blockchain,

a decentralized network marketplace.

What is SecretFox?
SecretFox is a distributed secure network based on blockchain. On a global scale, users can directly access the idle Internet resources, making people all over the world have access to Internet at minimal cost, while the resource contributors are encouraged by small incentives. With all the encryption techniques and digital signatures, the network security is guaranteed.
SecretFox pushes blockchain across Internet borders and into the sharing era.
Ecosystem Structure
Security Network
Security Network
The Core Business
The Minimum
Network Unit
Ecological Token
Product Features
Security link Structure
The nodes and their backups are elected through
one-coin-one-ticket by community to create a credible account blockchain. The core DataNode is utilized to achieve short connection time and high connection efficiency.
Shared Network Mode
The sharer can obtain incentives by sharing spared network traffic, while consumer can use network link channel with low cost
Encrypted Network Data
The multiple encrypted data package will be sent through links with irreversible trace to the source of nodes to guarantee the anonymous sending of data.
SecretFox Chain
We apply EOS sidechain technology to form a special chain for this application. Since the SecretFox sidechain and the EOS main chain maintain a consistent blocking time, seamless data exchange and value transfer can be achieved between the sidechain and mainchain of SecretFox and sidechains of other EOS.
Token Incentive
When users transfer data with SecretFox network, the resource contributor gains the appropriate NU or SFOX as reward.
Allocation Of Tokens
Total circulation: 2.5 billion
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